India is one of the most interesting countries in the world because no two states are similar to each other. They all have their own characteristics, charm and even language. Doing business in India is similarly an interesting affair. Each state has its own pros and cons. Respective state governments can often create policies unique to their jurisdiction and many a times, each place could be good for a particular type of business while being not so great for others. Let us look at some of the places in India that are good for particular industries.

1) Pune: Pune is a Tier 2 town in the state of Maharashtra famous for its IT industry. Pune is about three hour drive from the financial capital of India – Mumbai. In the past, most companies preferred incorporating in Mumbai. However, with escalating costs and restricted infrastructure, companies needed space close to Mumbai but at much cheaper rates. Of course they needed infrastructure that would allow them to expand and provide quality service. The city of Pune took full advantage of this requirement and today most IT companies in India prefer incorporating in this city although Bangalore is usually referred to as the silicon valley of India.

2) Gujarat: Thanks to the efforts of the current government in Gujarat, the state has become India’s premier location for the manufacturing industry. Most multinationals have chosen Gujarat thanks to the excellent infrastructure created as well as the single-window license clearance. The local administration has also ensured important deals such as land acquisitions etc. have clear rules and permissions are provided without much delays or red tape.

3) Chennai: Chennai is slowly being referred to as the Detroit of India. Most car companies entering the Indian market have setup their manufacturing plant in Chennai. This includes heavyweights of the industry such as BMW and Ford. Chennai has made it simple to import car components and there is easy availability of good factory workers. Chennai also has a good supply of skilled engineers who can easily work on the technical aspects of car assembly.

4) Kerala: Kerala is famous for being one of the best tourist spots in India. However, now the state is also becoming famous for companies in the import/export business due to the excellent port at Kochi. Blessed with an excellent natural harbor, Kerala is soon becoming an important stopover in international trade and shipping and companies related to import or export must look at setting up an office in the city of Kochi.