Entrepreneurs planning to open a restaurant in India should note that there are several different types of licenses required before you can commence with your restaurant operations. Also the license requirements as pretty much the same throughout India expect for some states like Maharashtra that may have some regulations specific to that state only. Following are some of the licenses required to open a new restaurant in the country:

First license required would be a food safety license which is obtained from FSSAI [Food Safety and Standards Authority of India]. Second license that you would require is health/trade license which can be acquired from local civil authorities of the area. Third license would be eating house license which is provided by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city. All the above mentioned licenses are mandatory in order to open a restaurant. Next comes the liquor license and it is compulsory if you are planning to serve liquor in your restaurant. This license can be obtained from local Excise Commissioner. One important license that is essentially required in all cases is NOC from Fire Department of the city. In Delhi, [DPCC] Delhi Pollution Control Committee is responsible for providing this license. If you are planning to open a multi-storey restaurant and installing a lift there, then you need to get a clearance from an inspector from electricity department as well as the Labour Commissioner of the city. Ministry Of Tourism, Government Of India will provide an approval and re-approval of restaurants and this permit is mandatory if you have opted to obtain an L-4 license.

Another license that you would need would be for playing music in your restaurant. This license can be obtained from the Phonographic Performance Ltd. [PPL] which has been functioning as copyright providers for sound recordings of music and creations of its members. This license becomes mandatory when you are planning to play recorded or live music of two or more members of PPL. Another license for environment clearance would be required which can be obtained from concerned department of that city’s civil authorities. You will also require a license called a signage license which can be obtained from local civil authorities.

Other than all these different licenses, there are some insurance as well which are to be taken and are mandatory while opening a restaurant. They mainly include Public Liability, Product Liability, and Fire Policy, Building and Asset and many others which are not mandatory.

Beside these insurances, you are required to register under section 17 [2] and rule 12 B of PFA [Prevention of Food and Adulteration] Act 1954 and Shops And Establishment Act. The former one can be done at directorate of PFA by submitting an application in a prescribed form.